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How to fix computer neck with Ergonomics and Your Computer?

Some of these straightforward ideas in the picture below illustrate healthy habits for using your computer. Utilizing these ergonomic techniques can save you time, money, and unwanted physical pain.

I often hear from clients who believe that because they work on a laptop, they can’t create these fancy set-ups. But the fact is, they can, by using an external keyboard and an external mouse, which make a world of difference. Also, lifting the computer screen higher so that the neck stays in neutral position (not looking up nor down) will reduce strain. If you don’t have the correct stand for lifting the computer screen, a simple solution would be to set the screen on a stack of books. And, finally, of course, sitting up straight in a good chair will make your stiff back feel much happier.

“I went to Elizabeth for a locked-up neck and upper back and she resolved it in one session. She also has extensive experience – 25 years – in craniosacral bodywork which I have also had the benefit of receiving. Amazing! I highly recommend Elizabeth as she can support you from many directions and on many levels. Thank you for your great work, Elizabeth! K.P. Santa Rosa, CA

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