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Why is My Back So Stiff?

A transformative health and wellness experience by having customized sessions which are treating the body holistically - emotionally mentally physically. Have you been suffering with a stiff back and chronic pain in your body for a long time? Do you simply put up with the discomfort? You may believe your chronic pain level cannot be shifted because the injuries are so old. But there's hope! Everything in the body is connected, and knowing how it functions as one system is the key to dealing with chronic pain. Old lingering injuries sometimes become more complex as we age. That's why it’s important to address issues as soon as possible. You should know that it is never too late to increase the mobility, ease and freedom in your body!

Take a moment and imagine... What would life be like without your worst symptoms? Especially without the ones that cause your greatest suffering, the ones that most deeply prevent you from enjoying life. Have you been addressing symptoms individually, rather than understanding the whole picture of your health? The Homeopathic 6-Month Journey offers an experience of Classical Homeopathy that can address all your symptoms and transform your life.

The initial session itself is a process, a healing. Telling your story to a homeopath who is truly listening and present can be an amazing experience. Often people feel better even before taking the remedy because of the release that comes from sharing their story and symptoms to a sympathetic listener. All the information you share will be used to find a remedy that can allow vibrant health to unfold for you. Three follow-up sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, will support and guide you further on your journey. There's nothing like having a homeopath on your team to accompany and support you on your healing journey. In-person & online homeopathic consultation available.

Classical Homeopathy - Entire Picture of Health Relief

Taping for Pain

Olympic athletes have been taping the body for pain and support. Taping is known by many names like KT tape, Kinesiology tape, kinetic tape, therapeutic taping or Rocktape. Learn how to tape old chronic problem areas to give yourself some pain relief and stability.

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