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Best Exercise for Chronic Pain in Upper Back

Exercise Therapy

Best Exercise for Chronic Pain

Exercise therapy is custom tailored to your specific needs can be of tremendous help in your healing and recovery. Depending on whether you are dealing with a body that is too tight or if there is hyper-mobility, the exercises are always recommended specifically for you. I can personally attest that finding the right exercises for muscle and ligament tears is truly life changing.

Customized Exercises for Chronic Pain Self-care at Home

Kinesiology Taping Benefits

How Does Kinesiology Taping Work?

Therapeutic taping has been a huge piece in my own healing journey. As a result of participating in extreme sports in my past, I had sustained a lot of injuries. I lost count after 60 ligament and muscle tears. Finding the tears, taping them and doing the right strength building exercises has gotten me out of pain and onto the road to healing them. It has been truly miraculous what a thin piece of German tape can do. When applied correctly, therapeutic taping effectively re-structures ligaments and muscles to feel like new.

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