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How to Help Someone with Chronic Pain with Bodywork

After many doctors, acupuncturists etc, I’ve finally found the answer. I’ve been going to Elizabeth for several years and she has been so helpful to me! I went to her initially for my stiff back, but she’s also helped with my headaches! I strongly recommend Elizabeth!”
N.K. Santa Rosa, CA

"I had had two meetings with a surgeon to operate on my varicose veins when I met with Elizabeth. I had never seen a homeopath before, and seeing her was really my last-ditch effort to try a practitioner in the Healing Arts before going ahead with surgery. After a very thorough intake, she gave me a homeopathic dose. I was skeptical that anything other than surgery would help me. To my amazement, there has been sustained improvement in my varicose veins over the past year, along with other benefits in my general well-being. Elizabeth took my life story and held it closely, then found the best remedy for my body. I am so appreciative!"

R.K. Sebastopol, CA

"This craniosacral bodywork is so incredibly soothing and relaxing for the stressed body and jangled nerves. Elizabeth was wonderful! She is very much in tune to your needs and so willing to take the extra time to get you on the right path. Thank you so much for your care and concern."

S. B. Santa Rosa, CA

Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain Massage Sebastopol

Filled with gratitude for this extraordinary bodyworker. She worked miracles with areas experiencing challenged mobility. I don’t live in Sebastopol but hope to return and will see her again. A gem!
L.S. Boston, Mass

Elizabeth has been supporting my daughter and I through classical homeopathy for about 12 years. I had not received this kind of care before and it has had many amazing benefits in overall health and resolving issues. A couple of specific examples are greater emotional well-being in my teen and the subsiding of menopausal symptoms for me.

 She has also done some incredible bodywork to assist me with an injured shoulder that persisted for over 6 months and was not resolving and stiff back pain stemming from an old injury.

 She is a multi-talented, gifted practitioner in the healing arts who always has useful suggestions and resources. Her devotion to assisting the body to heal and care for her patients consistently comes across in our sessions.

 Her work has been has been a gift for our family!

S.R. Sebastopol, CA

"Elizabeth is a gifted healer and can address chronic pain and imbalance in so many ways! I went to her for a locked-up neck and stiff back and she resolved it in one session. She also has extensive experience - 20 years - in craniosacral bodywork which I have also had the benefit of receiving. Amazing!! I highly recommend Elizabeth as she can support you from many directions and on many levels. Thank you for your great bodywork, Elizabeth!”
K.P. Santa Rosa, CA

Homeopathic Medicine Doctor Near Me in Sebastopol

"Elizabeth's work was integral in helping me recover from a painful C-section. I experienced more mobility and less aches after the session. I also experienced more serenity and peace following the session. Having a session helped me bounce back quicker!" 

J.P. Petaluma, CA

“I was able to stop smoking. I was able to balance my sleep life and have more hours in a day for pursuing my dreams and giving back to world. I was able to have pain-free periods, and less mood swings. A lot of my symptoms just simply went away. The hot burning coals of anger have gone away. Fiery anger has been tamed; the classical homeopathy was like rain that has cleaned me. I can harness anger for something passionate that the world needs. To support a cause instead of just being triggered. Triggers are now fueling passion instead of old patterns.”
V.F. Vancouver, BC

"I've been seeing Elizabeth for over five years for all sorts of things. I first went to her because I had a sinus infection made worse by spring allergies that would not heal -- for months. I saw her once and I was 75% better, and saw her again and I was all the way better. It felt like a miracle at the time. Since then she's helped me with migraines (both in person and distance work), stress, preventing and quickly getting over colds, and generally keeping me well. This is all with her work in craniosacral body with Core Synchronism.
She's also been my homeopath for the last five years, and
I have received chronic pain relief from a number of issues that I couldn't resolve any other way. I used to have a hemorrhoid that was so painful that I couldn't stand up when it was activated -- and nothing helped. Now I don't even feel it. I also had really had cold sores that took weeks to go away -- don't have them any more. My allergies are much less, and overall my health and well being have improved greatly, even though I've had many stressful experiences at the same time.
Finally she's also helped my daughter recover quickly from migraines, get
out of stiff back pain and adjust after having teeth extracted and her braces tightened, and correcting muscular skeletal issues with her knees and ankles.
I've sent tons of people to her, too, and they all love her. You will, too!"

M.O. Sebastopol, CA

"I saw Elizabeth for craniosacral bodywork about 10 days after a minor traffic accident. I was beginning to have muscular tightening in my neck and shoulder, and was concerned that the delayed reaction might become a long-term problem. Elizabeth was able to completely resolve the issue, and gave me recommendations for practices I can do at home, which also have given good results. I very much appreciate her thorough, caring and skillful approach, and highly recommend her."
D.B. Sebastopol, CA

"Elizabeth helped me immensely several times. One time it was on a plane while we flew together to a conference: my ears were clogged and I thought the pressure would soon explode my eardrum. With a light touch on my leg doing craniosacral bodywork she drained my ears in about 30 seconds. Another time my jaw went out from stress, and I couldn’t open my mouth and eat. She put my jaw back in place in few minutes, and it felt as if I have never had a problem with it. The method she uses is so gentle that I would often joke that she isn’t doing anything while she lightly touches my head. Yet the complete relieve from pain that follows after she is done, is a proof of her expertise in this healing art. When Elizabeth gave me a treatment for a conflict that has been affecting the women of my family for generations, I finally had to realize, that core synchronism is a treatment that goes far beyond physical adjustments. I have had the same positive results receiving the distance treatments as I had during the sessions in person. I recommend Elizabeth to my friends as well as my clients."
M.F. Pleasant Hill, CA

“I have been seeing Elizabeth for many years for her excellent bodywork. More recently, I have been visiting her for classical homeopathy. Elizabeth has been able to work with me and prescribe a remedy that has made astounding changes in my life and emotions. I am so pleased that we have continued to make progress as the work proceeds. Elizabeth is a true healer.”
M.M. Forestville, CA

"My experience working with Elizabeth has been invaluable. She is attentive, sympathetic, and highly skilled at correcting my multiple brain injuries. It has been a process for me to find someone who thoroughly understood brain injuries and how to heal them prior to meeting Elizabeth. I am grateful to her because she listens to my needs and figures what is causing the symptoms I express and corrects it. I am happy with my improvements."
N.S. Los Angeles, CA

Healing from Cosmetic Surgery: I wish I had started doing the scar remediation sooner. As it is, 2.5 years after a botched face-lift procedure that left a lot of scarring, I sought Elizabeth’s care. She has helped to make those scars much less noticeable both internally and externally, giving freedom back to my face.”

L.L. Santa Rosa, CA

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