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“Every time I visit Elizabeth I am struck in awe by yet another new technique she knows, shares and empowers me to use in caring for my own well being. She is so gifted in the Healing Arts.
B.B San Rafael, CA


"The craniosacral bodywork session Elizabeth did focusing on my vagal nerve was one of the most relaxing sessions I've ever experienced - I didn't sleep, but rather just drifted in a timeless state with no worries at all for an entire hour. Afterwards I felt like I was back in my body, but in a much more relaxed way."
G.B. Healdsburg, CA

“Elizabeth is gifted healer and can address chronic pain and imbalance in so many ways! I went to her for a locked-up neck and upper back and she resolved it in one session. She also has extensive experience - over 20 years - in cranial sacral which I have also had the benefit of receiving. Amazing!! I highly recommend Elizabeth as she can support you from many directions and on many levels. Thank you for your great work, Elizabeth!”
P.B. Sebastopol, CA

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Wednesday:  10:30am - 5:45 pm

Thursday:  10:30am - 5:45 pm

Friday:  10:30am - 5:45 pm

Saturday:  10:30am - 5:45 pm

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