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Red & Infrared LED Lights

Infrared LED Lights

LED Light for Pain Relief

I’ve been a holistic healing arts practitioner for over 25 years, and during that time I have seen every kind of device you could imagine. I have never wanted to sell any of them, until I came across a Red & Infrared LED light from LZR UltraBright


These LED lights are the best handheld LED light therapy devices on the market, and I am thrilled to offer these LED lights to you!

What Do Infrared LED Lights Actually Do? 

They work by giving a massive stimulus to the cells of the body, jump-starting the regenerative, healing processes. The lights trigger the cell’s nucleus to do what it is supposed to do, make new DNA and RNA. 

“My spine was always sore and achy when I woke up. This is the main reason I got into teaching yoga these past 30 years. After using the Ultrabright on my entire spine, I didn’t wake up with a sore back. That was extremely impressive as that only happens after a long yoga session.”

S.B. Ibiza, Spain

Research shows that these lights are extremely effective at regenerating tissue of bones, ligaments & muscles, speeding up wound repair, easing of aches and chronic pains, nerve regeneration, stimulating organs for optimal health, helping the lymphatic system, balancing thyroid issues, facilitating weight loss, helping with brain repair, helping with eye issues — and the list goes on and on. I have a whole page on this website that shows some of the published research.

LED Light Therapy for Hands and Feet

“Being a ceramic artist and a gardener, working very hard with my hands and whole body, I have found consistent use of my LED light allows for relief and healing from the regular strains and extensive repetitive motion my body experiences on a regular basis. Thank you, Elizabeth, for reminding me what an important self care tool this is!”

M.J. Santa Rosa, CA

Medical Grade LED Light Therapy with Red & Infrared 

LZR UltraBright did extensive research to bring you the strongest light with the deepest penetration that a lay person can own.

These lights generate both Infrared at 810 nm wavelength, which is best for penetrating into the brain, and red light at 660 nm wavelength which is best for wound healing and muscle repair. The power of these light therapy devices is the strongest on the market, with either a 10,000 mW or 20,000 mW of OPTICAL POWER. (It’s important to note that when other manufacturers mention “total output power in watts” they are referring to electrical power, and NOT the optical power of their devices, which is actually quite low.)

“I'm so happy with the LED Light! I use it frequently for myself and for my friends and family. It helps in healing my injuries faster. I also find it valuable for recovery from strenuous exercise. I'm glad I invested in it.” A. L. Sebastopol, CA

LED Light Therapy For Pain

“My small dog got bit by a large rattlesnake and spent a week in the hospital. The doctors kept telling me that he wasn't going to make it. I finally reached out to Elizabeth, she prepared some homeopathic medicine for him to take and we prayed. He made a full recovery and is alive today thanks to her skill. When he came home from the hospital his entire body was swollen and his skin purple all over. I thought it would take several weeks to heal. We used Elizabeth's LED light right away and his skin started clearing up within days! It was miraculous to watch this rapid healing process. I was amazed it worked that quickly. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I never would have believed it! Many thanks to Elizabeth and her healing tools!”
R.B. Sonoma, CA

"The LED light has enabled me to resume my graphic design work without pain and now I use it for any muscle pain or injury with amazing results!"
K.K. Occidental, CA

Animal Laser Therapy & Infrared LED Lights
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