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Classical Homeopathy

What is the most challenging symptom you are facing right now? If you knew it could be resolved, how would that change your life?
Have you been trying to address multiple health issues separately? Have you sought help from different practitioners for different symptoms?
In Classical Homeopathy, I take the entire picture of your health. I see how all the pieces of your symptoms relate to each other and comprise your entire case.
I want you to understand there are underlying conditions that cause the many different symptoms you are suffering from.
You may have gotten relief from symptoms with other treatments. But until you look at what is beneath them, symptoms will continue to rise up again.
The brilliance of homeopathy is that it works on the level of these underlying causes, offering deep and lasting change.

Founder of Homeopathy

200 years ago, Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathic medicine, discovered a way to remove the root cause of illness. Using extremely diluted amounts of natural substances, he created a style of remedies that have no side effects, yet are powerful catalysts to achieve the vital balance necessary for health.
The treasure of homeopathy is that it treats each individual uniquely. If 5 people have the same disease, homeopathy will not prescribe the remedy for all 5 people based on their common disease. Rather, homeopathy looks at the details of what a person is actually experiencing and suffering.
This is the language of symptoms. This is how your wise body speaks. The expression of your unique problem is your body's call for the correct remedy. No two cases are ever the same, because no two people ever suffer in exactly the same way. A good homeopath will consider the full picture of all your symptoms in order to find the remedy that will help you.


Homeopathic Case Studies

Below are Homeopathic case studies from my practice. They show how diverse and dynamic the depth of balance and healing can go.

39 year old Female

What were your symptoms before Classical Homeopathy?
"I had panic attacks and dissociation. I had full-blown PTSD which was crippling. I had a hard time leaving my apartment. I was so anxious to be outside of my space. I had nightmares. I couldn't even go grocery shopping because I couldn't deal with other human beings. It was so overwhelming I could hardly cope with it. There were days at a time I was housebound."

What happened over time that was transformative in your health with homeopathic treatment?
"Homeopathy allowed me to still feel what was going on emotionally but manage and work through it. It was a much different approach instead of repress and ignore it."

How is your life different now than it was before homeopathic treatment?
"I got through grad school without dying. I can shop in stores now. I am not ruled by my symptoms. My PTSD is managed. I used to live in constant fear of my symptoms. I now can handle it.
It's been over a year since the last panic attack. Even with the big stressful things that have happened my panic attacks were not triggered. My anxiety has not gone over the edge. I can feel emotions without going into extremes.
Being anxious and worried all the time took up so much of my energy. It's amazing what I can do when a huge amount of my resources are not spent on unproductive worry. I can sleep better. My relationship is better. My partner has commented how much better I have gotten.
I am just happier. It's nice to be able to feel the spectrum of emotions without the fear that it's going to take over. I feel like I have control over my life and myself. Everything doesn't seem like chaos anymore. Homeopathy was this great life raft that was thrown to me as I felt I was drowning before."

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