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Nurturing Vitality

Elizabeth Lakin  CCHH, CCSP, NTS

Holistic Healing Arts

When Chronic Pain Becomes Unbearable

Have you been to physical therapy, seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and

received all kinds of manual therapy and bodywork, yet are still suffering from a stiff achy back or random pain in your neck, hips, knees, feet, ankles, wrists or shoulders? Are you having to endure headaches, migraines or discomfort from lingering injuries that have never properly healed – for years or maybe even decades?

Natural Pain Solutions

Maybe what you’ve done has helped a little bit in the short term, but the problem always

recurs and you still have stiff back and other chronic pains in your body?
 Are you frustrated by having spent thousands of dollars and untold hours trying to get out of pain relief only to be disappointed – yet again? ​ If so, I totally understand, because I’ve been there too.Painful chronic symptoms are the body's way of showing there's an underlying issue to be resolved. Health is about creating balance in the whole body, rather than focusing on individual troubling symptoms. The goal is to get your body moving freely by releasing old stuck patterns in bones, joints, fascia and muscles. The result of this freedom of movement is diminishing chronic pain and inflammation and access to more energy and enjoyment of life! ​ With over 25 years in the Holistic Healing Arts, I assist you in moving to a new experience of what your health can be. Based on your individual needs, I pull from a wealth in the Healing Arts from Classical Homeopathy and Therapeutic Bodywork like: craniosacral bodywork, myofascial therapy, deep massage, soft tissue chiropractic-like work, gentle osteopathic-like work and visceral manipulation. My office is in Sebastopol, California. I am serving clients from Napa, Marin, San Francisco, Sonoma counties and beyond.

Craniosacral Massage Technique Massage Sebastopol

Answer to my prayers! Before working with Elizabeth, I had been grappling with chronic discomfort in parts of my stiff back and neck for over a decade. I had tried several

different methods of physical therapy and ongoing bodywork; all of it helped to some degree, but none of it took care of the underlying patterns, which just kept popping up. Then I found Elizabeth and the magic of taping and everything changed. After only one session, my body started to feel different and I was in less pain. The mix of hands on bodywork, taping, suggested exercises, and a clear list of what to STOP doing and why, has offered profound results. I'm beyond grateful for Elizabeth's work and have loved getting to know her through the process. Her dedication in the Healing Arts is profound and I recommend her to all my family and friends. If you're considering working with Elizabeth, I say do it!!” A.R. Santa Rosa, CA

"I have been fortunate to work with Elizabeth on more then one occasion when I have had head injuries. Most recently I was in a car accident in

which I had a concussion. I was relieved to have a "go to" resource for bodywork like Elizabeth to put my brain and body back together. She was instrumental in my recovery process. Elizabeth is very skilled and able to work at a much more refined level then most therapists. She releases the deeper patterns of tension and impact without inducing trigger point pain to get there. As a fellow bodyworker who has had a lot of bodywork and experienced many modalities, I'm picky about who and how someone works with my body. I highly recommend Elizabeth because of the depth of study, sensitivity and wealth of experience she brings to the table." K.D. Forestville, CA

Neck and Upper Back Massage Sebastopol

"I went to Elizabeth with a 20-year-old injury from playing a musical instrument which resulted in tendinitis and many twists in my body, creating tension and locked muscles. I

only ever achieved a partially healed tendon despite years of acupuncture, chiropractic work, Hellerwork, Alexander technique, massage, and other healing bodywork modalities. After three sessions with Elizabeth so far, my back, ribcage, and shoulders are no longer holding the same tension and feel freer, plus for the first time I am feeling my tendinitis injury getting less painful as my body comes back into alignment. Elizabeth is very impressive with her extensive knowledge; how she brings together all the different healing approaches that she has studied over the years into an integrated whole is amazing to me. I highly recommend her approach to anyone who is struggling with body issues that haven’t been truly healed, or unsuccessfully treated. Take it from me, it’s not too late. She’s amazing value too!" 
 L.B. Sebastopol, CA

“I am fortunate indeed to have found Elizabeth who has been singular in her ability to diagnose and treat my vestibular migraines, and in her total commitment to provide

outstanding bodywork and get me back to feeling well again which I never thought possible. She has profound understanding of physical discomfort and the impact this can have on a person everyday; moreover, Elizabeth truly desires to improve the health of her clients. Her hands are healing and provide wonderful relief. How lucky to have her in Sebastopol!” L.E. Santa Rosa, CA

Structural Bodywork Holistic Massage Sebastopol

“I just saw Elizabeth for the first time for chronic pain I have had in my hip, legs and feet. I was impressed by the combination of her confidence in diagnosing the problems and her research into the best approach for healing (which instilled confidence in

me around healing these long-term issues). I scheduled a follow-up appointment for the next week, and now two days after my initial appointment I am already feeling more stability in my hips, legs and feet.” Z. S. Sebastopol

“I recently had almost 2 years of orthotropics. Specifically, reversing the extractive, retractive orthodontics I had as a kid. I needed a practitioner in the healing arts who could get into my mouth, jaws, teeth, cranium, tongue and neck in ways that would

holistically support the new structures as they were being moved by the braces. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Lakin. She did an amazing job of helping me through this intense orthodontic journey.” L.M. Sebastopol, CA

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