Homeopathic Testimonials

"Homeopathy was this great life raft that was thrown to me as I felt I was drowning before."

M.M. Santa Rosa, CA

"She's been my homeopath for the last five years, and I have received relief from a number of issues that I couldn't resolve any other way. I used to have a hemorrhoid that was so painful that I couldn't stand up when it was activated -- and nothing helped. Now I don't even feel it. I also had really had cold sores that took weeks to go away -- don't have them any more. My allergies are much less, and overall my health and well being have improved greatly, even though I've had many stressful experiences at the same time. Finally she's also helped my daughter recover quickly from migraines, get out of pain and adjust after having teeth extracted and her braces tightened, and correcting muscular skeletal issues with her knees and ankles. I've sent tons of people to her, too, and they all love her. You will, too!"

M.O. Santa Rosa, CA

"It has been so surprising that I don't need herbs to maintain my pain. I feel that I am emotional stable now. The other part that I like is how Elizabeth stays connected and is there to give me feedback. She is always there for me to run things by. It is so different than allopathic medicine. Elizabeth relates and reminds me how to look at the process of healing. There is a shift in my understanding in how health and healing unravels."

C.D., Anna, IL

I have been seeing Elizabeth for many years for her excellent bodywork. More recently, I have been visiting her as a homeopath. Elizabeth has been able to work with me and prescribe a remedy that has made astounding changes in my life and emotions. I am so pleased that we have continued to make progress as the work proceeds. Elizabeth is a true healer.

M.M. Forestville, CA

"I had had two meetings with a surgeon to operate on my varicose veins when I met with Elizabeth. I had never seen a homeopath before, and seeing her was really my last-ditch effort to try an alternative before going ahead with surgery.

After a very thorough intake, she gave me a homeopathic dose. I was skeptical that anything other than surgery would help me. To my amazement, there has been sustained improvement in my varicose veins over the past year, along with other benefits in my general well-being. Elizabeth took my life story and held it closely, then found the best remedy for my body. I am so appreciative!"

R.K. Sebastopol, CA

"Elizabeth is a truly remarkable practitioner with an exceptional knowledge base, a wealth of experience and most of all a genuine love and compassion for her patients to achieve the optimum health that is inherently possible for everyone. She has helped me to tap into the ever-present inner well of healing force to achieve a physical and emotional health and equilibrium. I was extremely impressed not only for the level of her skills in obtaining a thorough and multidimensional picture of my health concerns but also the authenticity in her compassionate desire to help me gain optimum health and well-being.

She helped me to achieve in such a short time a kind of wellness I have not experienced for a long time-I am so very grateful to her for this amazing healing experience."

K.C. Foothill Ranch, CA

"When I first started my constitutional homeopathic treatment, I was in a relationship much like other prior relationships. † My partner would tell me one thing and intuitively I knew he wasn't telling the truth, or the whole truth, or was doing something else behind my back.

Shortly after taking the homeopathic remedy, my gut was telling me that something was off. †Instead of being attached to this relationship and dismiss the signs, I was able to see things clearly. †I was able to stay open hearted even when I found out I had been cheated on, again. †I was a bit surprised at my ability to be response-able. †To have compassion and forgiveness, and to ask for forgiveness for what ever my part was in the situation, in this life time or in the past. †I told a few friends that I felt like I was taking a final exam. †At the end I felt like I had graduated, and had a strong sense that I would no longer attract men in my life that would cheat on me. †That was about 5 years ago. †And so far it is true. †I don't understand how constitutional homeopathic treatments work, but I know that it was life changing for me."

M.Z., Sebastopol, CA

"Having lived with debilitating depression for many years, I finally healed, thanks to Elizabeth and her amazing knowledge and skills as a homeopath. The combination of Elizabeth and the remedies she chose for me has liberated me from under a dark cloud. It is now so easy to smile and be grateful!"

O.A. Berkeley, CA

"I've definitely seen an improvement in my allergy symptoms and overall health on homeopathic care - I still have a ways to go, but itís a journey."

G.L., Chicago, IL

"Since starting homeopathy, I have become more in tune with my body, mind and spirit.† Homeopathy has given me the support I needed.† I have been able to let go of the idea, that it was necessary to take harmful medications in order to maintain my health."

A.L., Boston, MA

"Since we've started homeopathic treatment on our son, we've noticed changes in his behavior for the better and when he does show an acute symptom, it usually clears up pretty quickly."

G.L. Chicago, IL


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