Core Synchronism and Bodywork

Have been suffering with pain in your body for a long time?

Do you simply put up with the discomfort? You may believe your pain level cannot be shifted because the injuries are so old.

But there's hope! Everything in the body is connected, and knowing how it functions as one system is the key to dealing with chronic pain.

Old lingering injuries sometimes become more complex as we age over time. That's why its important to address issues as soon as possible. You should know that it is never too late to increase the mobility, ease and freedom in your body!


"Since beginning to work with Elizabeth and her core brain work, just three months ago, I have become more stable and resilient than I can remember having been even when I was young. I sleep more easily, and have more decent nights of sleep than ever (after a life of chronic insomnia) and recover far more quickly from setbacks. Also my mood has become more stable, less prone to extreme shifts, and quicker to return to center. Most importantly, I do not dread getting out of bed each and every morning like I used to. Elizabeth is the best.
G.G. Sebastopol, CA