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What is Bodywork Therapy?

After almost three decades of being a holistic practitioner in the Healing Arts, I am still deeply passionate about continuing to evolve and change my bodywork. With an empathetic ear, I am always listening to what my clients are wanting and needing in each session. I am also scanning their body to see where they are stuck in their bones, joints, muscles, or fascia, and what is causing limited range of motion, mobility, and ease in their body. Sometimes there is need for breaking down scar tissue, or mobilizing joints that are frozen. Other times there are muscle or ligament tears from old injuries that need LED light therapy and require kinesiology taping to get out of pain.

What I have discovered over the years of being in bodywork practice is that everything is about motion, not really alignment. As long as the body is able to move in a fluid way there is less inflammation and less pain. My focus has always been strongly on empowering my clients to create lasting changes with a deep understanding of what is going on in their bodies so that they can move forward in their healing and not feel like a victim of their circumstances.


You can choose a 60- or a 90-minute session.

I also offer packages of four or eight 90-minute sessions, and gift certificates. 

60-minute session -- $125

90-minute session -- $185

You can save $65 or $295 on  packages


Package of four 90-minute sessions -- $675

Package of eight 90-minute sessions -- $1185

To book and pay for sessions or packages, please go to BOOK A SESSION page

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