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Foundational Principles of Homeopathy

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How Do Homeopathic Remedies Work? 

Homeopathy is an art and a science. Homeopaths determine the strength of a patient's energy in order to match a homeopathic potency to that energy.
What are the inherited genetic predispositions that run in a person's family lineage? Asking this question is key to prescribing the right remedy.
One of the principles upon which homeopathy is founded is: "That which has the power to make a healthy person sick also has the power to make a sick person healthy." This refers to the "provings" of the remedy, which include all the symptoms a remedy can induce in a healthy person.
Homeopathic remedies are made using a carefully controlled serial dilution and succussion of the medicinal substance. The result is a remedy that contains only energy.
Homeopaths use the smallest dose of a remedy, just enough to stimulate the healing response.
Because the person can be only in one state at a time, only one remedy and one potency are given at a time. 
The complete picture of a person's life experience includes a person's symptoms and traits on every level, including physical, emotional, and mental.

"It has been so surprising that I don't need herbs to maintain my pain. I feel that I am emotionally stable now. The other part that I like is how Elizabeth stays connected and is there to give me feedback. She is always there for me to run things by. It is so different than allopathic medicine. Elizabeth relates and reminds me how to look at the process of healing. There is a shift in my understanding in how health and healing unravels."
C.D., Anna, IL

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